Bedroom Curtains Step 2

Step 1 Recap (Don’t miss Gallery Photos Below — Warping Loom with  the New Trapeze)

After designing pattern, next step:  Test design and yarn.

Remember the Test in Step 1? Look below to see a gallery of photos on warping the loom for the project.

When a test of yarn and weave pattern is successful, we think, “Oh, Man, I could have gone ahead with the project and be done by now.”  Right?  Yep.

And when a test proves we have chosen the wrong pattern or a wrong yarn or the wrong sett, or who knows what, we think, “Whew,” and thank our lucky stars for following, albeit somewhat unwillingly, the unwritten rule:  “Always conduct a test.”

Well, I finished my test and here is my comment:  “Whew!”  Lucky stars were counted.

The beautiful white cotton/rayon yarn I chose would have been a disaster as curtains.  My samples were sturdy and heavy enough to use as bath mats.  Bath mats hanging on my bedroom windows?  I don’t think so.

I loved the huck lace pattern, though, and while I wove the sample, developed a huck design I will use in the curtains.  (With another yarn, of course.)  The samples will not go to waste.  When I get trim sewn on the ends, I will have two very pretty bath mats, which were needed anyway.

Step 2  Yarn, Plan, Warp.  (See the Gallery of Loom Warping photos below)

First, I must settle on a yarn which will work for my project.  No problem there.  Every weaver has a stash of yarn stored in the closet.  If you are a weaver, you know this all too well.  It is an easy choice between clothes and an addition to one’s already burgeoning supply of yarn.  The yarn gets the closet and the clothes are either pitched out or find their way into a box in the attic, to be pitched out at a later date.

The yarn I chose is white 10/2 mercerized cotton which has a lovely sheen, is strong and lightweight.  The sett will be 24 ends per inch, with three ends per dent in an 8 dent reed.  (8 little slots per inch.)

Second, Amend the draw down and pattern plan.  The newly chosen yarn is smaller so all plans must be altered.  Back to the drawing board.  I’ve made an Excel sheet for this planning and it is so fun to use.  New figures for yarn yardage, etc. have to be made.

Third, Warp the loom according to the new plan.  Okay, here is the fun part.  And the part I photographed for this blog.

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