A New Project

BuffleheadRecently, I purchased my own domain  www.judithstclaire.com and will be posting my weaving articles on the new site. Below, you will find an excerpt from my newest article. I hope you like it and will visit the new site.

A New Project.

Hi. I’ve been away a while working on a new project. It has been completed up to the point where I can invite you to come with me on my journey. I will tell you a little about a fascination with all things weaving. And about some things writing. And some more things reading.

The little bird pictured here is a bufflehead duck. What you see is the female of the species. Like a weaver, our bufflehead is a busy little creature who at first glance seems to be a loner. She is on watch while her companions are diving for food. Her turn will come later while another watches.

In a way, the bufflehead photo reminds me of weaving, which also is a solitary occupation.

To produce a geometrically pleasing design with straight edges, a weaver needs solitude – or at least peace and quiet. The intricate work is done in stages, the first of which is to create a pattern that will work well with the fabric to be woven. From the drawing board, the weaver goes to the warping board to measure and tie up hundreds of strings of cotton, linen, wool, silk or some magnificent combination of threads. …

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