Weaving Fabric and Stories

An Afternoon at Sea, a Bead Weaving

An Afternoon at Sea, a Bead Weaving

My two principal interests are weaving fabric and story telling. Although at first it appears the two topics can be interwoven into one blog, I find in my Gemini mind they must be separate. After all, not everyone who wants to read about weaving fabric is interested in wending her/his way through a tall tale, and vice versa.

Recently, I reorganized all my “stuff” into two separate blogs and am enrolled in a WordPress 101 class to increase my abilities to keep them separate while providing a strong linkage between the two. In the short term, when you visit my sites, you may see changes. Please feel free to let me know if the blog works for you – and you are especially invited to tell me how it doesn’t work for you and I will find a way to “make it work.” (As a boss and a mother, I’m sure I said, “Make it work” long before Tim Gunn uttered it for TV.)

Story telling blog:   https://humboldtbayhome.wordpress.com/

Weaving Blog:  https://judithstclaire.wordpress.com/