Back After a Long Time Out

On a Personal Note – I can’t believe fall is wending its way toward winter.  Since my last entry in spring, just before my milestone birthday, I have been busily chasing one or two elusive health issues.  Minor adjustments resulted in major improvements, and it looks like I will be good for another 25 years.  Taken one at a time, of course.

Krok Rug1

On an Environmental Note – As an aged (I surely am) hippie (also am this), I always thought it important to keep my own carbon footprint as small as possible.  Advancements in environmental science indicate that watching our effect on our surroundings is even more important than we originally thought.

Transferring Environmental Concern to my Art – Krok FinishedWhen I began weaving a year and a half ago, I vowed to weave only “green” items.  My early warp yarns were 100% cotton.  For weft material, I traded some sellable items, which lived on high cupboard shelves, to our local Tail Waggers thrift store in exchange for cotton sheets that were not fit for resale.  I brought the rags home, washed them and dyed them, then cut them into strips for rugs.

Greens FinishedThe first rug was a Krokbragd or Swedish Rose Path weave (above). I liked my first effort really well and kept it for myself.

The second rug was a plain weave with vibrantly colored cotton warp.  It is 2 feet wide by 6 feet long.  You can see its vertical stripes.  The colors come out at the ends and are braided for trim. I must say the braiding is a pain and takes hours, but makes the rug really special.

When the rug was finished, my daughter-in-law saw it and it made a very short journey to the floor in my son’s house.

More to Come –  At a recent sale, I bought a large quantity of jute yarn. My next post will cover working with jute.